Premium Monuments & Memorials Tour
By Adventure DC Tricycle Tours
     "If you start your trip with the right tour, your DC visit can be an exciting and transformational experience," say these tour company owners and trip planners who routinely show families and groups the best-of-the-best in Washington DC. 
     "We've taken everyone around DC from billionaire families wanting to do college graduation right... to the US Surgeon General (and his family). We're the only company of our kind to have been exclusively used by the Smithsonian for multiple events. We're the only company of our kind to be praised by the President of the Washington Area Concierge Association for the superior way we treat our guests. We are even charged with managing other tour companies, including the #1 ranked tour company of its kind in all of Washington DC, as ranked by TripAdvisor. Along the way we have learned a great deal about making people's DC Visit the best it can possibly be..."

     Dear Insightful Visitor,

     If you want to ensure your trip to Washington DC is amazing — not boring and not stuffy, there is a way to do it right. If you want to make sure you don't get stuck walking between memorials or waiting for a crowded bus, there is a way to do it right. 

     Many families visiting DC have the misperception that all the sights are close together. Or they think that buses are a quick and easy form of transportation.  But nothing could be further from the truth. And if you're a family wanting the absolute best tour of Washington DC, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for. 

     We'd like to introduce you to The Premium Monuments & Memorials Tour by Adventure DC Tricycle Tours which helps you get a once-in-a-lifetime experience seeing all the sights in Washington DC you want to see.  The Premium Monuments & Memorials Tour by Adventure DC Tricycle Tours makes it simple for you to:
     ⦁ See ALL the sights efficiently

     ⦁ See the monuments & memorials

     ⦁ See the White House

     ⦁ See the US Capitol

     ⦁ Explore the sights with less walking or waiting

     ⦁ Keep kids entertained

     ⦁ Allow your pets to accompany you on your tour

     ⦁ Perfect for the mobility impaired or disabled

     ⦁ Learn the fascinating history of the people and events behind the memorials

     ... and much, MUCH more!

      And what makes this even better?  Now you never have to worry about the big "hop on, hop off" tour buses and walking between the sights again! Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you're wasting most of your tour time walking or waiting. 

     Best of all... you can see all the major sights on the National Mall with The Premium Monuments & Memorials Tour by Adventure DC Tricycle Tours in less than four hours.

     So again, if you're a family wanting the absolute best tour of Washington DC, understand this:

     ⦁ You want to give your family the once-in-a-lifetime experience
        of Washington DC, and a tricycle tour is the best way

     ⦁ Our best-of-the-best guides will give your family a customized
        private tour while entertaining

     ⦁ Tours are customized to your interests and we can pick you up 
        anywhere in downtown DC

     And The Premium Monuments & Memorials Tour by Adventure DC Tricycle Tours holds the key to your successful visit of Washington DC.
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Your DC Insiders,
   Barry Ivan Silber & Stephanie Compton
   Co-Founders, myDCvisit
   Co-Owners National Pedicab
   Co-Owners Adventure DC Tricycle Tours


"Steph gave us a wonderful history lesson all while driving down the middle of Pennsylvania Ave."

"This was the best way to view DC."

"Seeing the monuments and the buildings at night was a wonderful experience!"
"What a delight!"

"Isaac was extremely informative, very personable and professional. "
"... the highlight of our trip."

"Shared a lot of fun facts about the city and she's just so much fun."

"Our kids loved the fun adventures and we pedaled away with lasting memories."

"Barry's the Best: energetic, funny, and informative in an entertaining way."

"Barry answered questions we had asked ourselves during our walk and questions we had not even thought to ask! " 
"Barry is a not to be missed tour guide If you can book Barry, DO IT, he's the best!"
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